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We Help Promote Nepalese Owned Businesses in USA

Get effective strategies tailored for your U.S. business, crafted by Nepali experts who understand your needs.

How Strong Is Your Digital Presence?

It's not 2005 anymore. If you want your business taking full advantage of the internet, then your website and digital funnels needs to be better. We will provide full report on your online presence for FREE!

Challenge Accepted

No matter what challenges you face in digital marketing, Qasta is here to resolve your digital bottlenecks.


I'm struggling to establish a strong online presence for my brand.

I'm not effectively reaching my target audience

I'm having difficulty creating engaging and compelling content for my brand.

I'm struggling to differentiate my brand from competitors in the digital space.

I'm lacking a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligns with my brand's goals and objectives.


I need a website that effectively showcases my products & services

My website design is outdated and unappealing to visitors.

My website lacks clear calls-to-action, resulting in low conversion rates.

My website lacks engaging and relevant content, failing to attract and retain visitors.

My website takes too long to load, leading to high bounce rates.


My website isn't getting enough traffic.

I'm struggling to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)

My PPC campaigns are not generating enough clicks or conversions.

The blog posts on my website are not getting enough readers.

Social media ads are not driving sufficient traffic to my website.


My website isn't getting enough sales.

I'm struggling to generate quality leads.

My conversion rates are low, and I'm not sure how to improve them.

I lack an effective lead nurturing strategy to convert leads into customers.

I struggle with measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of my digital marketing efforts.

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How Qasta Helps Your Business Succeed in the USA
Qasta's Nepali team ensures effortless communication, building a strong connection with Nepali business owners for impactful and prosperous collaborations. Our strategies are uniquely crafted with a deep understanding of Nepali business nuances, ensuring effective and personalized solutions.
At Qasta, we deliver results. Our Nepali expertise ensures your business thrives in the USA market.


We provide a comprehensive list of digital marketing services to help you reach your goals and objectives.

Branding & Web Design

We understand how to create a stunning user-friendly website that will make your business stand out from the competition and help you acquire new customers. Our cutting-edge web design services will give your business the foundation it needs to succeed in a competitive digital world.

Boost Traffic & Lead Generation

Our team of experienced professionals will develop a tailored strategy to boost traffic to your website using inbound marketing, content development, social media management, and tradeshows. Our comprehensive approach will be continuously monitored and refined using analytics tools to ensure consistent and quality traffic growth.

Increase Conversion & Sale

Generating leads and converting them into customers is of the utmost importance for any business. We use advanced tactics such as lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion rate optimization to ensure that your efforts are directed towards higher ROI. Our team will work with you to craft a strategy tailored to your specific needs in order to maximize results.

Why Choose Us?

Why Qasta Stands Out for Nepali-Owned Businesses in the USA.

Here's why you should choose us >

Dedicated account manager for each account
Access to QastaPortal for clients
Clear and concise reporting platform

We understand your customers

Our team knows your audience. We connect your business with the right customers for better results.

Our approach is data-driven

We use data to guide our strategies, ensuring you get the most effective marketing solutions for your business.

We have experience

With years of experience in the USA market, we offer solutions that fit your business needs and goals.

We are revenue oriented

We aim for results. Our strategies are designed to increase your revenue and grow your business.


Have questions about website design?

We're happy to answer any questions you have.

How does Qasta help my business?
We provide tailored strategies crafted by experts to boost your business in the USA.

Why is a data-driven approach essential?
Using data ensures our strategies are effective, helping your business grow faster.

What makes Qasta unique?
Our Nepali expertise combined with experience in the USA market sets us apart, delivering results for your business.

How does Qasta focus on revenue?
We prioritize strategies that increase your revenue, ensuring a positive impact on your business.

How can Qasta make my business stand out?
With tailored strategies and Nepali insights, we help your business stand out and succeed in the competitive USA market.

We are more than an agency!

Everything we do is tailored specifically to your company's needs and goals. We're happy to jump on a call and talk through everything with you. There's zero pressure and absolutely no obligation to work with us.